KFS Ultimate Bait Tank System


KFS Ultimate Bait Tank System

About the KFS Ultimate Bait Tank System

New from OEX this bait tank is the latest and greatest in kayak fishing.¯ Low profile design keeps your kayak sleek in the wind and lowers the center of gravity.¯ Using a 6 volt system allows the pump to run at a slower rpm, thereby lessening stress on the bait without sacrificing proper flow to keep the bait fresh and lively.¯ This also prolongs the running time of the system without the need for a larger, heavier 12 volt battery.¯ As a completely self contained unit the Ultimate Bait Tank requires no installation or assembly and is easily transportable between kayaks.¯ When not needed the system can be left at home without anything installed on the kayak, however it's recommended to install two additional eyelets on the boat to secure the bait tank, especially for surf launching.¯ An eyelet on each side of the Ultimate Bait Tank makes it easy to secure it to the kayak.¯ Since no installation is necessary, this unit can also be taken on vacation and used on a rental kayak or small skiff.¯ Inflow is produced by a marine grade bilge pump which hangs over the port side of the kayak and outflow drains out of two holes per side, which will then drain through the scupper holes in the tank well of your kayak.¯ This system can not be placed in an area without sufficient drainage, it must have scupper holes or drainage in the area it is placed.¯ This system was designed and developed by our kayak fishing staff as the most functional, durable, adaptable and cost effective unit possible.¯ All electrical components are marine grade and have been tried and proven in other applications of kayak fishing such as fishfinder installations and other bait tank systems.¯ The tank itself is made of the same polyethylene material as most major kayak brands.¯ After designing and testing this bait tank, we are confident that we have truly created The Ultimate Bait Tank.

Overall Dimensions: 17"L x 11"W x 11"T


  • Low Profile Container with 4 gallon working volume
  • Gamma Seal Threaded Lid
  • Self Contained Watertight Battery Compartment (Pelican Case)
  • Waterproof Toggle Switch
  • Waterproof Wire Seal
  • 360gph Pump
  • Carry Handle
  • (2) Eyelets
  • Bungee leash for lid
  • 6 volt battery means this tank will last all day
  • 3 rod holders on rear

Tank comes complete with all plumbing, pump, and battery.¯ Charger not included. Special modifications such as overboard outflow or starboard pump are available, please contact us for special requirements.