Lowrance Transducer Scupper Mount


Lowrance Transducer Scupper Mount

About the Lowrance Transducer Scupper Mount

The Transducer Kayak Scupper Mount is perfect for all HDS Elite Mark and X-Series Lowrance Skimmerr transducers both 83/200 kHz and 455/800 kHz DownScan Imaging (DSI) models alike as well as earlier 1-inch 200 kHz transducers. It's easy to install in most any scupper opening with few tools and without messy adhesives as with shoot-thru-hull transducer mountings.

 Best of all the Lowrance Scupper Mount positions the Skimmer transducer so it's totally submerged in the water you're fishing. That guarantees maximum sonar signal return sensitivity producing the absolute clearest underwater returns of structure and fish possible.