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We offer everything you need for a successful day of kayak fishing. Whether you are a seasoned veteran looking to pick up the latest fishing kayak, new hot kayak lure, carbon paddle, or a first timer looking to get completely outfitted, Kayak Fishing Supplies prides itself in being a one stop shop. In addition to providing every necessary and optional accessory imaginable, we do custom installation of electronics using all waterproof connections designed to withstand the incredibly harsh environment of saltwater kayak fishing. You can find packages that include a fish-finder, live well tank wired with a timer switch to conserve battery power, and a custom made Battery Box (including 12v 10amp battery) made of a completely waterproof pelican case, all on carefully selected lines of best fishing kayaks out there. We produce The Ultimate Bait Tank which is completely self-contained and transferable between kayaks with no permanent installation. This system is quickly becoming the bait tank of choice for experienced kayak fishermen. Our staff has the training and experience to safely install any electronics and bait tank systems in a variety of kayak models. We treat your fishing kayak as if it was our own. Good news - installation of all accessories purchased with your kayak is free!

If kayak fishing is your thing, we are your store. Please check out our informational articles, and keep coming back for a new content. You will find the latest and greatest innovation in kayak fishing here. If you are ever in Southern California, stop by one of our OEX brick and mortar stores and say hi!

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