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Become a well versed bass fisherman

By Richard Wohlwend-Penny

Let's face it, it is pretty easy to get into a comfort zone with a specific technique and not stray to far from it based on results. This is a results oriented sport and confidence is paramount. If you know you are a solid stick with a Texas rigged worm, you are likely going live and die by that technique until if fails you. So here are a few sure fire tips to make you a more well rounded bass fisherman and not a One Trick Wonder.

1. Determine what technique you want to start working on. One that matches your style of fishing. If you like fishing fast, then pick a presentation that supports that. If you are more of a plastics and finesse person then run down that road.
2. Find some online content to give you a crash course. There are way too many videos on YouTube to not have a basic knowledge of any technique prior to getting on the water.
3. Leave the "Go-To" rod. Yes...I am not kidding, leave it at home or in the truck.
4. Give it some time. Dedicate multiple trips to learning this new technique, grab some GoPro video of yourself while fishing and compare that to the way the technique is supposed to be done. You can really advance your learning curve with video, do not underestimate it.
5. Worse case...hire a Subject Matter Expert! Hiring a guide that is a "Hammer" with the technique you are trying to learn can really elevate your game quickly. It also saves you time and prevents you from learning bad habits!

Largemouth Bass caught by Jacob Penny

This process was recommended to me a few years back, as I was trying to adapt my fishing style to that of the West Coast. I took it onboard and have applied it. In doing so, I have become a much better and well versed fisherman. Being a "One Trick Wonder" is over rated, give these tips a try and hopefully we will be seeing you on the water.