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Brent and the rest of the staff at Kayak Fishing Supplies,

I'd just like to thank you for such great service, products, and prices. My brother and I (The Uyeda Brothers) love the selection and the fast shipping to us in Hawaii. We are currently entered in the Aquahunters Makahiki Kayak Fishing Tournament and are tied for 4th at the moment. We are the only anglers that fish off of a tandem kayak. Just thought we'd drop a line to thank you for such good business practices.

The Uyeda Brothers

Hi Brent, I received the final items of my order today! Thanks for the GREAT service! The responsiveness of OEX is unmatched. Please extend my thanks to Nate (weights included). I have them installed. Installed the RAM rod holders! I work a ton a ton of hours but have managed to put on 17 miles with the YAK. Lots of freshwater fish caught already. Pictures are coming... Let me know when the VHF radio is in stock. I will order from OEX.

Very satisfied customer,
Ernie B.

Hey guys,

I just wanted to thank you - I put my order for a new seat & paddle in on Sunday without much hope I'd see it by next weekend.
I came back from work today (Tuesday) to find the package on doorstep!

Wow, that was fast!!!

Thanks again for your advice on the paddle selection. I'm glad I went with 240cm.

Mike M.

Hey Brent, Thanks very much.

I'll be down Saturday, mid-late AM for pick-up if that works, but will call CJ to confirm first.

Also I want to let you know that I appreciate your gracious accommodation on my suddenly changing about wanting the boat sooner rather than later, and to extend my apologies for flip-flopping on you guys about that timeline as I know that kind of thing can drive people bonkers. But it will be great to be able to pick up this weekend since it now looks like it will be a few more weeks (late-June) before we are able to move back in to our house. So this will give me a couple of weeks to goof around in the boat before descending into the hell of moving again.

I think a couple of friends around here are as excited to see the boat as I am. They are chafing at the bit and I suspect one or more of them will want similar outfits once they have a chance to see it/try it, etc. One has already said he plans to get this rig sometime in the Fall and I have sung your praises, so I suspect he will be talking to you in Sept or October. Again, thanks for your very able assistance on all this and best regards,



A Happy Fathers Day ! to you also . Of course I visited the OEX site and read on the Bios and saw the video of your daughter Riley spinning on the floor, Daddy's girl I am sure of . Along with my 2 boys , my daughter is my baby girl.

One thing I have realized for sure now is, that I absolutely made the right decision ordering and dealing with such a great group of people across the country as you guys ! Truly proffesional and I feel as if I have made a friend. Brent thank you greatly for making this experience what it is, there arent to many businessmen left in the world that truly care for their customer ( friend ) and that reflects on how a truly a great person you seem to be !

If there is anything I can do for you here on the Gulf Coast in the future to help you, or you want to plan a fishing or diving trip this way, let me know and I,ll take care of ya !


KFS crew,

THANKS, u rock!!!
Every bit of my complicated order arrived today,

that battery box is even neater than I expected!

Keep it up!!!!!!!!

John A.

Hi Brent,
Thanks for everything, you guys are great!

Laura R.

Brent, Thanks!

Accidents happen, but you guys have been very responsive in making it right. You will definitely keep my business, and I will recommend you to my friends.

Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry

Love the kayak,
love the kayatank,
great job with rigging everything like we talked about.

It is perfect, exactly what I wanted!

Henry R.


I just wanted to tell you guys about my new "X-Factor" kayak. I have been scuba diving and freediving since 1986 and in that time have owned or used just about every brand and model kayak out there. I usually don't write letters to manufacturers/distributors about their products, but this "X-Factor" model kayak deserves recognition. The deck layout is incredible almost like someone measured all my gear including my thermos and made a special place for it. The hull design cut through some pretty rough swells with ease and tracked straight regardless of paddling style. I found this model to be the most stable I've ever used which made for an extremely comfortable/safe platform to move around on at anchor not to mention getting off and on during diving. Although, I speared no fish last evening, the luxury of this awesome kayak made my dive a joy with the bonus of a great sunset. I have not heard much hype about this particular model and think a lot of guys are missing the ultimate kayak experience, so get the work out, I know I will.

Thanks for a great product!

Rusty M.
Del Mar, California

Hi Brent,

Thanks for the info. DHL have offices here and I receive parcels through them.

I am a helicopter pilot on contract here for the next three or so years. If you look at the attachment you will see why we bought new kayaks. The river is crocodile and hippo infested. Those guys are friends of ours, in a second kayak. The other photo is my day job.


Note: Order shipped to Rwanda, Africa.
Photos: Athol Franz

Brent, The M-Tech socks arrived this afternoon and fit perfectly. You were correct about the Size small socks being a better fit. Thank you, again, for the prompt follow-up and shipping!

Dear kayakfishingsupplies rep,

Let me start off by saying you people rock!!! You're products I've bought have been great, and you're shipping time is unmatched. THANK YOU ALL!

I have a 2008(ish) Ocean Kayak prowler trident 15 angler, and I wanted to know if you have the kayaTank available for it yet. I have seen your online instructions for the Ocean Kayak prowler, but that install doesn't look like its for my yak. Email when you can.

Thanks, G. Russo

Hey Brent,

I am as stoked as can be with my new toy! I went out yesterday morning and caught 2 roosters and 2 jacks, all pretty nice size as you can see from the pic. The bait well works awesome....doesn't kill the bait like my drag-behind bait bucket did. I also love the fact that I can "chase" the fish while I'm fighting them. All in all an incredible boat. Thanks again for your help, you've been great.


Hobie Kayak Costarica

Dear Brent/OEX guys,

My new Malibu yak has been awesome. Past couple of days has been an experience I’ve been waiting for what seems like a very long time. Much time and money invested into seeking the 40 inch stripers around here, the new Stealth 12 has definitely got me to the fish and back very comfortably I might add.

Just wanted to say thanks to all of you and if you get bored you can check out my yak on YouTube… mx0069 is the channel name ( ). You guys started the customizing bit with installing the bait pump and X-wing, I’ve thrown on a trolling motor other goodies….. posted a couple of photos on Big waters Edge site..

Keep up the great work!!

I just wanted you to know that my son and I are really enjoying our kayaks that you gladly shipped cross country in May. It has been loads of fun for the both of us. We have only been in the water a few times but it has been a really worthwhile experience for my son and I. We have done the calm lakes around the house there inEastern AR and we have been on Lake Ponchatrain in SE LA, and the Fort Pike area. It was there that we were challeneged by wind and found the malibu stealth to be very stable in rough water and it was a challenge for my son to paddle against the wind but he made it and gave him a great sense of accomplishment. THANKS! I just joined the Team Malibu page, and posted some photos there. When you get the chance take a look. We are headed back to the coast in Nov and Dec for more saltwater action and then headed to the keys in Feb hopefully. I am hoping to catch some video in November when my son and I go to the Breton Sound area of SE LA to fish. Please pass on to everyone there at Malibu my extreme thanks for such a wonderful product and the excellent customer service that you gave to my family.

Thanks Again!

K. L. Nilsen


I just placed the order for it, the confirmation number was XxXxXxXxX. I really appreciate you taking care of this for me and responding so promptly. It’s service like this that will keep me coming back.

Thank you,

Hey Brent,
I'm not worried about that discount.... I know you guys are helping me out quite a bit!!! I appreciate all you've done to help me out.... Customer service goes a long way these days and you guys have certainly gone the distance.



I just wanted to say thanks for all your help in my recent kayak purchase. Living in Alaska, it isn't always easy to always find what you're looking for. You helped out with all the hard questions and challenged me to make informed choices on my purchase. Customer service has seemed to have gone by the wayside but you went above and beyond to help me. The service Ireceivedwas stellar and I do believe that with your help I chose the perfect kayak for my needs. You have a customer for life and when people ask me where I got my boat I will surely refer them to you and your staff.

Thanks again,

Soldotna, Alaska

I would like to thank you for my recent order. I feel I not only paid a fair price but my shipping service from your company was unbeatable.

M. LeVan

" They are one of our sponsors and a club member recommended them. I also chose them because they give you the live well pump kit for free, and it includes installation. Shipping to BR hub (right off of Industriplex) was only $49 and only took 4 days. I would HIGHLY recommend them. If T-weed thinks I ask a lot of questions here, he should have seen the list of emails I sent the guy at OEX (that's the actual name of the dealer) and he anwered every one of them very thoroughly. I would have liked to buy local but no one sells malibu kayaks around here, plus with the free pump kit, and shipping being less than sales tax, it's a hard deal to beat. "


Thank you so much for your help with my kayak. I explained the problem that I was having with my kayak and you promptly sent the repair parts out free of charge and they arrived at my door in about 3 days. One of the problems was not even remotely related to your business and you still sent the part. I can't thank you enough, it is hard to find that kind of customer service anymore. You will be my go to business for any of my further kayaking needs.

Thanks again,



Just wanted to let you know that i recieved the kayak today and it looks great. Cant wait to get out anduse it. Yourcustomer support was great. Thanks!

J. Makara