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Lowrance Nines Stohlquist US PLASTIC Trident $300.00 - $400.00 Bait Tanks

Bait Tanks

Having a bait tank on your kayak enables you to serve your target fish it’s naturally sought after meal, a live bait. There are several types of bait tanks available for kayaks: bucket/container bait tanks, molded bait tanks and internal bait tanks. Container tanks like our Ultimate Bait Tank are a lower profile and have a lower center of gravity. They fit in almost every tank well of kayak's currently on the market. It has its own battery box with a 6volt battery providing the power and is very portable. Jackson Kayak also have 2 different Krates that can be plumbed as a bait tank.

Malibu Kayaks X-factor and Stealth have tanks built into the kayak and just need to be plumbed. The center of gravity on these molded tank's is lower than any bucket/container bait tank. This makes these kayak's an excellent choice for those that fish live bait. As for the center of gravity, some or even most of the water in the tank is below the waterline and acts as ballast for your kayak rather than an elevated tipping weight which actually increases stability.

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