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Kayak Fishing Apparel

While fishing on the kayak, you find yourself in some cold early mornings or some serious mid-day heat. Make sure your body is protected with clothing gear specially designed for this application. Kayak fishing attire falls into two categories: Neoprene and Non-Neoprene. The benefit of neoprene, or wetsuit material, is that it will keep you very warm in the event that you decide to go for a swim or wade in the water while launching. We do not recommend using a regular surf or dive suit because there isn't sufficient mobility in these suits for kayak fishing. Paddle johns are the neoprene suits that we recommend, they are sleeveless and provide the free range of motion needed for casting and paddling. The non-neoprene garments are made out of different materials, such as urethane coated denier, that make them water resistant and breathable. These lose fitting clothes can be layered for maximum comfort in changing conditions. It's a good idea for the underlayments to be made out of material that can wick the water and perspiration away from your body.

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