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Jackson Kayak BLEM/DEMO/NOS

Here at Kayak Fishing Supplies we deal in numerous kayaks throughout the year. We do on occasion have the ability to offer our customers kayaks and a discounted price. This could be do to the fact that we have older inventory, (NOS/New Old Stock) and can discount these kayaks with the permission of the manufacturer. We do have a fleet of Demo Kayaks here at our physical location on Mission Bay in San Diego, CA which we can update about once a year. These kayaks are used for demo purposes and are in good shape. We also from time to time will receive blemish models from manufacturers. These kayaks most of the time will have a cosmetic flaw; example being color is not correct, dented or scratched somewhere on the kayak, and maybe even a small repair. All of these kayaks are fully functional and have been inspected by Kayak Fishing Supplies staff to insure they are safe for sale.  All of the above types of kayaks will carry a warranty that is offered by the manufacturer.  Normally we like to sell our Demo and Blemished model kayaks local and avoid shipping because everyone has a different opinion as it relates to the condition of the kayak.  Be assured that we will fully disclose any dents, repairs, scratches, and color variances prior to the sale.  You can call us here at Kayak Fishing Supplies to get more information on these kayaks anytime at, or call (866) 587-2990.

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