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Malibu Kayaks

Malibu Kayaks are some of the finest fishing kayaks available, at very competitive prices. Each model is designed with fishing in mind, as evidenced by the amount of storage and layout of the cockpit areas which allows for easy mounting of any number of accessories. The weight capacity and stability of Malibu Kayaks is well known and with many different models there's a kayak for any application and any budget.

Kayak Fishing Supplies helped to develop the Pump Kit that brings water into the integrated bait tanks on the Malibu Kayaks Stealth and Xfactor model kayaks.

As one of the largest Malibu Kayaks dealers, Kayak Fishing Supplies is able to offer our customers very fast service on any of your Malibu Kayaks needs!  Visit Malibu Kayaks web site for more information.