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Native Watercraft folks love their gig - designing and building kayaks, hybrids and accessories that get people out in the natural world. With the introduction of the Propel Pedal Drive, the popularity of the Propel series of fishing kayaks has been on a steady rise. Native Watercraft Slayer Propel series are pedal rather than paddle propelled kayaks.  With the ability to go forward and reverse, kayaking just got more interesting. More and more kayak fisherman are turning to pedal powered kayaks, freeing up their hands 100% to handle the fishing part of their adventure.

The Slayer Propel is a very stable platform to handle all of you fishing needs.  I, Kerry Peeler OEX staffer, am able to stand up and fish no problem in this kayak.  The pedal drive system is great and at a 10:1 ratio, propeller revolutions to pedal revolutions, you are able to cover a lot of water with minimal effort needed helping to extend your time on the water.