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Jackson Kayak JTank Quick Disconnect Pump Kit

After we turned the Jackson Kayak JKrate into the JTank we wanted to take it 1 step further - introducing the Jackson Kayak quick disconnect pump kit. This set up utilizes the Jtank we introduced, but instead of a pump hanging over the side gunnel of the kayak for flow intake, we now put the pump inside the hull of the Jackson Kayak Cuda models. The big advantage of this system is:

  • Less drag on the kayak
  • Does not hamper tracking of the kayak
  • Wont catch floating debris with pump
  • Wont lose catch of a lifetime by line wrapping around hose or pump
  • Can run off same power source as your electronics
  • A close look at how we rigged a Cuda 12 with our Jackson Kayak QD pump kit:

    We first started with the placement of the through hull male QD fitting in the tank well.

    The perfect placement was just aft of the raised channel in the port side of the tank well.

    This still allows the JTank to sit in the proper position in the well and leaves the tackle staggers free for the Plano tackle boxes.

    Using a spade bit we drilled a hole through the top tank well in the spot described above.

    Next we install the pump inside the hull of the Cuda 12.

    We leave enough space for easy installation of the hose from the pump to an elbow fitting that will thread onto the male QD fitting.

    Using stainless steel hose clamps to secure the hose = no leaks.

    The pump placement is port side a couple inches inside from the side chine.

    The pump is secured with the threaded pump strainer that also protects the pump from unwanted debris getting sucked up into the impeller of the pump.

    The strainer is far enough from the center line and aft that it will not bottom out on landings to shore.

    After we thread the male QD fitting to the elbow fitting that was installed in the tankwell- we are ready to work on the tank. Using a spade bit we drill a hole in the lower middle section of the JKrate.

    This hole is used to install the adjustable aerator. From the adjustable aerator, hose is connected by stainless steel hose clamps to another elbow fitting that thread onto our female QD fitting.

    The female end of the fitting snaps onto the male by a small amount of downward pressure. Hear the click and it is secure. To release the fitting just pull the collar on the female end and lift- super simple.

    The rest of the tank is very similar to our self contained JTank- It has rod rack storage on the back.

    The flow can be adjusted to the style of bait you are using by turning the head on the aerator nozzle.

    A strainer on the overflow fitting protects you from losing even the smallest of baits

    The bait tank system can be hooked up to your 12 volt system that is running your fishfinder and using a toggle switch to turn your system on and off.

    We are very proud of our JTank system, and are excited to bring another option for our new Jackson Kayak Quick Disconnect pump kit - we hope the kayak fishing world will be excited too!

    Check out our Cuda 12 Ultimate and Cuda 14 Ultimate Kayak Fishing Package where you can get one of these models with the Quick Disconect JTank bait tank kit already pre-installed and ready to fish the day it arrives!

    Please note that we do not sell JTanks; they are only available as an option when ordering one of our Jackson Kayak Fishing Packages. If you would like us to do a custom JTank for your own kayak, plase drop as an email at We hope this information will help you get some rigging ideas.

    Tight lines!!!

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