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Kraken Pump Kit

The Kayak Fishing Supplies Kraken Pump Kit will come pre-assembled so installation will be trouble free and easy. Below is an overview of what is included in the kit.

Also included will be extra wire and connectors not shown in the picture.

Tools needed
- spade bit
1 spade bit
1 7/8 hole saw
5/16 nut driver/ flat head screwdriver
Hose cutter
Eyeglass screwdriver set or precession set
Wire stripper/crimper
Marine goop

First step:
Drop in pump in the Kraken recessed scupper designed for the pump

Step 2:
Screw on pump strainer from underneath- just needs to be hand tight.

Step 3:
Connect the male end of the quick disconnect to the female end of the fitting.

Step 4:
Drill hole into the K Krate with 1 spade bit

Slide Adjustable aerator into the hole and attach nut from the inside (use marine goop to seal it)

Step 5:
Measure hose length  We have included long enough length of hose so if your preference is to have the tank behind tackle box (All aft of the gear track) you can do so.

Cut to the hose using pipe cutters or HD scissors.

Step 6
Put on hose clamp and tighten with 5/16 nut driver or flat head screwdriver

Overview Pic

Step 7

Now run the wires and switch to your power supply.

Start with the wire cap-it is a personal preference where to mount the cap.  We chose to install it on the side gunnel of the Kraken.

Use the 1 spade bit for installing the wire cap.  A eyeglass screwdriver kit works best for the wire cap screws.

Step 8
Using the heat shrink butt connectors extend the wires of the pump and to your power supply

The switch is another personal preference for placement.  You will run your positive wire from the pump to your switch, the negative will run right to your power source.

For your power source we recommend using our Kayak Fishing Supplies Battery Box- the Kraken Battery tray was designed to fit our box.

The battery box will have rigging instructions inside to follow for the last step in pump installation.

*If you will be just using a battery then use terminal ends to connect to the battery leads.

The final step is the Kraken Krate drain/overflow fitting

We install the overflow drain with strainer on the port/left side of the tank just above and aft of the side handle

Use a 1 7/8 hole saw to make your cut

Slide your fitting in and secure nut with marine goop

Outside of tank

Inside of tank

You can attach the 1,5 poly white hose to the fitting if desired. (included)

Your pump installation is now complete for your Jackson Kayak Kraken.

Remember you can control your flow rate with the adjustable aerator in your tank by turning the control head on the fitting.

Check out this link if you would like to purchase the Kraken Quick Disconnect Pump Kit!