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Kayak Accessories

Kayak Fisherman like their accessories and you’re in luck because Kayak Fishing Supplies has all the latest and greatest products the kayak fishing market has to offer. You can bet if it’s in our store one of our KFS guys/gals has put it to the test. We always try before we buy- so you don’t have to.

Kayak fishing accessories are an important part of a successful day on the water. Helping you from losing gear overboard, landing that trophy fish, and keeping you safe.We are here to help, if you have questions on how to use a product or how to install it, reach out to us. If you don’t see a particular product in our store and think it should be let us know.

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  1. $126.99
    Hobie Gear Bucket W/Bag, 3pk Learn More
  2. Hobie PA Power Pole Mount

    Hobie PA Power Pole Mount Learn More
  3. $169.00
    Hobie Twist and Seal Hatch Kit, Rectangular Learn More
  4. Hobie Standard Plug In Cart

    Hobie Standard Plug in Cart Learn More
  5. Yak-Rack

    Yak-Rack Learn More
  6. BassYaks Installation

    Installation of BassYaks Motors Learn More
  7. Turbo Fin Kit


    Hobie ST Turbo Fins

    Learn More
  8. Hobie Heavy Duty Plug In Cart (HD)

    Highest Capacity cart with very durable knobby wheels. Learn More



    Learn More
  10. $279.95
    Groovy T-Bone Learn More

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Set Descending Direction

31-40 of 57