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Kayak Fishing Information and Resources

On this page, we compiled some articles you will hopefully find useful. We have some general information - from rigging your kayak & tools involved, popular kayak fishing knots and rigs, some tips on fishing techniques, kayak fishing checklists to very important safety information. Over time, everyone develops their own kayak fishing style. Some people prefer to fish the lakes or bays, others like to venture out in the open ocean. Some folks like to rig their own kayak(s), others prefer to have that part taken care of by professional kayak fishing establishments such as OEX. Regardless, the basic concepts outlined within these pages will always apply.

  • General Information section contains a number of articles on common kayak fishing questions we're frequently asked.
  • Kayak Fishing Information includes some wisdom from OEX Pro Staff kayak fishermen on specific fishing techniques.
  • Fishing Stories section has diaries of some most memorable days of kayak fishing.
  • Finally, the bottom section will have some useful external kayak fishing informational links.

General Information:

Kayak Fishing Information:


Kayak Fishing Stories: