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Storing Your Kayak

by Brent Torgeson

The first thing people talk about when thinking about buying a kayak; or in most cases after buying a kayak is where to put it.  With the popularity of kayaks growing, there are many companies making easy installation racks, slings and stands.

First thing to do is find the most suitable location. Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing a storage spot for your kayak.

Seahorse Pair 31"

Outside Storage:

  • It’s a good idea to have a cover or a tarp over your kayak.
  • If you don’t have a cover, it’s important to store the kayak upside down and under an overhang.  After a rain or a dewey day, water that collects in the kayak will leave a white reside on the plastic.  These stains are extremely difficult, if not impossible to get out.  By keeping the kayak upside down, the water will run off the hull just like the roof of a house.

One of the most important tips is if you are putting the kayak on a rack or hanging it with straps, make sure you put the straps of the rack underneath the scuppers of the kayak. These are like the bearing walls of a house.  After time if it is not on the scuppers it will leave indentations on the bottom of your boat.  Again keeping it upside down is the best way, the top of your yak is usually a flatter and stronger area to withstand long-term storage.

If you have an area to stand up the stern or bow of the kayak can be done as well.  Best is to put the side down with the drain plug for easy water drainage.  It’s a good idea to put a piece of foam or scrap carpet to put underneath, that way you will not scrape the end repeatedly.  Putting a strap or bungee is an obvious no brainer to keep the yak from falling over.

Kayak Cover - Brat

The new yak slings are a very easy way to store your kayak inside or out.  By putting the sling into a stud or the side of your house stucco.  It gives you the ability to slide the bow into sling #1 and stern into sling #2. Attach the male/female connectors and your kayak is hanging flat against the wall.

Many people like to store the yak in the garage so it’s right next to the installation workshop.  The slings work well there, as well as the Talic stands that are a breeze to fold up. The nice thing about these is you can take them with you to your destination for rigging up your yak while keeping it off the ground.

One of the most popular storage ways in the garage is the pulley system from the rafters.  Make sure you have the room for the yak and the garage door will be able to open and close without interference from the yak.  As mentioned before, arrange the straps so they are on or through the scuppers to avoid damaging your kayak.

Whichever way you choose to store your yak, keeping these tips in mind will keep your kayak in tiptop shape.