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Kayak Ordering and Shipping Process Information

We have made buying a kayak on-line quick, easy and inexpensive! We take great pride in our customer service and take every precaution to make sure your kayak arrives safely to you and that you are kept informed as your order is processed. We will let you know the timeline in which to expect the kayak to arrive. 

Each kayak order will be receiving a follow up call from us the same day, or the following day after placing the order (the latest). We understand purchasing kayak online is big and somewhat uneasy decision. We will call you to make sure you understand what is included with a specific kayak package you ordered, give you the opportunity to tell us about any custom rigging requests you may have. We're experts in kayak rigging, and all accessory installation is free with the kayak purchase.

If you live in Southern California, you do have option to pick up your kayak in one of our shops - just select "Store pick up" shipping option during the check out process. Important note: Hobie Kayaks can be picked up only in our Hobie Authorized store - OEX Sunset Beach.

We have two kayak delivery options available:

1. Hub Delivery

  • $165.00 for Hobie Paddle & Mirage Passport Kayaks, $235.00 for Hobie Mirage Kayaks, $125.00 Hobie inflatables, $320.00 for Pro Angler 12 & 14 and Hobie Adventure Island. Hobie Pro Angler 17T $455.
  • $249.00 for NuCanoe
  • $149.00 for Old Town Kayaks
  • $249.00 for Bonafide, Native Watercraft and Bonafide/Motorguide Package

***Continental United States only***

This is the default delivery method automatically added to your on-line kayak purchase. With the Hub Delivery, your kayak is delivered to a conveniently located pick up station in your area. The list of HUB locations will appear in the Checkout process under Shipping Method.

2. Residential Delivery

  • Estimate depends on your location, $199-$600. Continental United States only.
  • For Hobie Kayaks, Old Town, NuCanoe, Bonafide and Native Watercraft there may be an additional charge above Hub Delivery fee

With Residential Delivery, your kayak is delivered to your door. Residential deliveries require that someone be present to sign for the kayak. You will have the opportunity to choose Residential Delivery instead of Hub Delivery when we call you to discuss your kayak order. At that point, we will be able to give you the exact $$ quote for Residential Delivery.

How does it work?

Step 1: When placing your order; ($165 hub delivery, $165.00 for Hobie Paddle & Mirage Passport Kayaks, $235.00 for Hobie Mirage Kayaks, $125 Hobie inflatables and $320 for Pro Angler 12 & 14 and Hobie Adventure Island. Hobie Pro Angler 17T $455, Old Town $149.00, NuCanoe $249.00, $249.00 for Bonafide and Bonafide/Motorguide Package, Native Watercraft) cost is automatically added to your kayak purchase.

Step 2: The same day or 1 day after placing your kayak order (the latest!), we will call you to confirm your order. We will be happy to take down any custom rigging requests you may have. If you would rather have your kayak delivered right to your door, we will give you the exact quote for Residential Delivery.

Step 3: You will receive an e-mail from us once your kayak order has been shipped.

Step 4: Typically within 10 business days from placing your order, you will either receive a phone call to inform you that your kayak is ready for pick up from an Airport Hub location, or a call from Residential Delivery service to confirm and schedule the time when you can accept delivery (signature is required!).

We do not anticipate any problems with your shipment, but please note:

Our brick and mortar stores OEX Kayak Centers, along with our online store makes us one of the largest kayak dealers in the country. With many of our sales coming from all parts of the country, we have also become one of the largest shippers of kayaks as well. While damage is very rare, it is important to follow these steps when receiving your kayak, just in case a damage claim does need to be filed. When the kayak leaves our store, it is sent FOB origin, which basically means it is out of our hands from that point forward and we are no longer responsible for it. But don't worry - we will still be there every step of the way to help guide you and facilitate any damage claims, in the unfortunate event your kayak gets damaged during shipping. Just be aware that we are no longer financially responsible for the kayak once it leaves our shop (that means no refunds if the kayak arrives damaged). The damage claim process will result in a replacement kayak being sent to you, but not a refund.

Upon Receiving The Kayak

As long as these simple steps are followed, you should have no problem receiving your kayak and filing a damage claim if necessary. If you do not follow these steps it may be difficult or impossible to file a damage claim, and refunds are not available once the kayak ships. So make sure you follow these steps!

Step 1: Inspect the kayak! Before you sign anything or take the kayak home, unwrap it from the protective packaging and give it a thorough inspection. Make sure it wasn't rammed with a forklift, or otherwise damaged during shipping. If you're completely confident that there is no damage, go ahead and sign for the kayak, take it home and enjoy! And send us pictures!

Your other option is to sign pending 24 hour inspection. You can take the kayak home (if picking it up from the HUB) or send the truck driver on his way (if delivered to your house) without unwrapping the kayak. Make sure you do unwrap and inspect the kayak within 24 hours. If you do find damage, continue to Step 2.

Step 2: If your kayak is damaged, you have two options. Your first, and best option is to refuse the shipment altogether if you haven't already signed pending 24 hour inspection. Do not sign for the kayak. Take pictures of the damage if you can, and inform us asap that you're refusing the shipment. Keep the packing material, or make sure it stays with the kayak, do not throw it away. We will handle the claim from this point on and get a new kayak sent to you. If you have signed pending 24 hour inspection, you are now the consignee. That just means that you will have to file the claim, not us, but we will be there to guide you through the process and get a new kayak shipped to you. Make sure you call the HUB asap (within 24 hours) to inform them of the damage, and let us know as well. All contact info for the HUB will be found in the tracking email you received from us. Take pictures of the damage, and keep the packaging material. As long as the claim is originated within 14 days (this is your responsibility as the consignee), and you contact the HUB within 24 hours, there should be no problem with your claim.

If You Don't Follow These Steps, and Then Find Damage

If you signed for the kayak without fully inspecting it first, you are now the owner of a damaged kayak. Filing a claim can be difficult at this point and it may require extra shipping and/or replacement costs. Again, refunds are not available for kayaks damaged during shipping. It is very important that you follow the proper steps when receiving your kayak. We will try to assist in any way we can to proceed with a claim, but once the kayak is signed for it becomes your property.