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Should I motorize my kayak?

This is one of the most common questions we receive here at KayakFishingSupplies.Com. We feel that adding a motor kit may be very beneficial for certain conditions or fishing techniques, but you definitely need to think about some things before purchasing a kit. One of the most important requirements for a motor kit is that there is a kit produced for your model of kayak. We recommend Bassyaks Trolling motor kits. Bassyaks kits are assembled here in the USA and use a name brand MinnKota trolling motor. Once you have determined that there is a kit available for your model kayak, you need to think about whether or not your kayak can handle the additional weight. The motor kit and battery will average a combined weight of about 100 pounds, if using a normal deep cycle battery. The weight capacity for your particular kayak can be found on the manufactures webpage. Once you have determined if the weight capacity will be an issue for your situation we recommend looking to find a battery that will fit inside a hatch on your kayak to help protect it as opposed to storing it on the top deck. There are plenty of batteries out on the market in various dimensions that finding a power solution should only be limited by price.

Bassyaks kits are completely customizable and have several options that you should think about before buying your motor kit. There are four throttle options to choose from and can be a little overwhelming but we strongly recommend going with the EM or EH throttle option.  The reasoning behind our recommendation is because they both include upgraded wiring from the standard kit, both use a control knob that is mounted to a corded remote to operate the speed settings from different seating positons or seating heights, and makes for a much easier, cleaner, and more waterproof installation. 

The EM version is the highest quality throttle option Bassyaks offers. The EM uses an aluminum housing to completely shield all of the electronic connections and waterproof fittings for all wiring connections. This kit will have the longest range as it optimizes battery draw to extend battery life.


The EH version of the kit is very similar to EM except the electronics are not housed in an aluminum housing, and this kit is not quite as well sealed as the EM. This is the kit we recommend for most situations and is the most popular kit we install. This kit has the benefit of the corded remote without the aluminum housing which can be hard to mount on some models.


The EK and the standard throttle option are both available but not nearly as popular. The EK still features an infinitely adjustable speed control but has a fixed mounted control knob. The Standard throttle has a five speed forward and three speed reverse speed control with a fixed mounted control knob and not a corded remote. These kits are not as popular because kits they utilize a fixed mounted control knob that can be hard to position in an easy to reach position on some model kayaks.


You also have the option to purchase a freshwater or saltwater kit in thrusts from 30 to 55 pounds. If you will ever put the kayak in saltwater the saltwater kit is a must as it has better seals in the motor. Also if you purchase a freshwater kit and use it in saltwater it will void the warrantee. The thrust you choose will determine the speed you can achieve depending on your model of kayak. The cost difference is not that much between a Standard 30lb thrust kit and a 55lb thrust kit, so increasing the thrust could be very beneficial in the end.

The Bassyaks kits come with everything needed to complete the installation. If you have any other questions about the Bassyaks kits, or the installation process feel free to give us a call at (619) 866-6129. We have installed many of their kits and will be happy to assist you if we can. If you purchase the kayak and kit through us you also have the option to have us complete the installation for you.